Felix Construction has upheld a reputation of showcasing our core values over the last 30+ years and our clients notice the way each employee treats them. Felix is a growing organization that has a family feel but is supported by a larger structure. The culture of Felix is relaxed and supportive with knowledgeable people that treat you like a member of their family. We are proud of every person feeling like they are part of the team and not treated as ‘just another number’. With our open-door policy, we promote training, education, and pride in the work that we do.

At Felix, there is a world of opportunity with utilizing the latest technology and being cutting-edge while being recognized and having growth in your career. Join Felix today to see how your goals and passions can shine through on our team.

Our Culture of Safety

Felix Construction has a culture of safety, which is a commitment from every individual. We emphasize the safety of our employees and subcontractors over all else to ensure the protection of our people and others. Felix employees take pride in our safety achievements and obtain this through:

  • Proper planning for both known and potential hazards
  • Host employee safety training, select safety-centric subcontractors
  • Hold pre-job conferences with our subcontractors to review their safety programs
  • Inspecting the work-in-progress daily
  • Correcting potential hazards
  • Continuing to foster a culture at Felix Construction where safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Our Commitment to Our Community

Felix believes that at the heart of everything we do, we are simply people serving people. We are genuinely interested in finding ways to give of ourselves.

Whether through grassroots charity involvement, company-sponsored events, or affiliations with local, regional, and national not-for-profit organizations—we are committed to continuing to help people in the communities in which we live and work.

Felix Values Our Family of Employees

At Felix Construction, we recognize employees and each other on a daily basis. The Felix Way defines how we do business and how we live our lives.


By living through our core values, we have developed a unique culture specific to Felix. You often hear that you are ‘treated more than a number’ but we live this every day, by giving back to our employees in various ways. Whether it is a family event, milestone anniversary awards, gifts, recognition, and career growth, we are always seeking to improve each other and make it known you are a member of our family.

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