157th Avenue WRF 4.0-6.0 MGD Plant Expansion

This project consisted of the construction of new systems and upgrades to existing systems including a new 6 MGD influent pump station, odor control and a monorail system, a new 24” HDPE force main, a new chlorine contact basin with a 6 MGD effluent pump station, new yard piping for various systems ranging from 6” to 48”, modifications to the existing digesters including floating decanters, fine air diffusers, and new blowers. The solids handling improvements included a new sludge pump station and centrifuge. Felix also improved the RAS/WAS piping gallery and pumps, and the existing lab building. Electrical and controls were also upgraded throughout the facility. Felix also performed the demolition of numerous existing structures, mass grading, and paving.

  • Owner: City of Goodyear
  • Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk
  • Contract Amount: $14.5M