Felix was selected as the Job Order Contractor by the City of Phoenix. The initial 3-year contract was extended 2-years due to quality performance. Once the 5-year contract term limit had expired, Felix was again selected for a new 3-year contract.

Project Overview

The City of Phoenix, AZ has a need for constant improvements, upgrades and rehabilitation to their 23rd Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Job Order Contracting offers the City the ability to “pre-qualify” a Prime Contractor and negotiate labor and equipment pricing up front. Then, when a need arises within their system, they can issue a Job Order to the contractor and have a high quality and cost effective solution in less time and often for less money than traditional Design-Bid-Build (AKA Low-Bid) methods.

To date over 200 Job Orders have been issued ranging from a $13,000 Concrete Repairs project  to $1.0M RTU Replacement project.

Services Rendered

Preconstruction Services: Conceptual Cost Estimating, Design Assistance, Scheduling, Value Engineering, Long Lead Procurement.

Construction Services: Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Civil, Concrete Flatwork.

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