7A-GS2 3MG Concrete Reservoir

  • May, 2015
  • City of Phoenix

Project Overview

Felix was the General Contractor for the construction of this three million gallon concrete reservoir in northern Phoenix, AZ. Our scope included clearing and site preparation including management of a 404 permitted wash traversing the site, construction of a 3 million gallon concrete reservoir, valve vault with large diameter piping, 24 in. ductile iron pipe transmission and distribution lines, chlorine building with electrical gear and double contained gas chlorination system, five 18 in. and two 24 in. pump cans (25 ft. deep), recirculation pump station, automatic gates, grading, paving, decomposed granite surfacing, drainage structures, landscaping, installation of instrumentation and controls, and programming for the facility.

The perimeter wall around the 10-acre site required a minimum 8-foot high concrete/masonry structure for security purposes. However, by integrating artistic concepts into the design of the wall, the aesthetic appearance of the wall was greatly enhanced to meet the aesthetic theme of the surrounding desert ridge planning area while not compromising its security function.

In 2015 this project was selected as the 2015 Water System Project of the Year by the Arizona Water Association.

Services Rendered

Construction Services: Mechanical, Structural Concrete, Civil, Electrical Instrumentation and Controls, Custom Control Panels

“Felix sets the standard for this type of work.”- Rick Shane, Project Manager, City of Phoenix

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