Project Overview

Felix was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk to upgrade the Town of Clarkdale’s existing WWTP within a tight budget by disassembling a decommissioned Biological Treatment Unit (BTU) Plant in Surprise, AZ and reconstructing it in Clarkdale, AZ.  As a result of the Team’s efforts, this project was then selected by WIFA as the Clean Water (Wastewater Infrastructure) Project of the Year.

Felix Construction built the Fred Goldman designed Desert Oasis WWTP for Pulte/Centex in Surprise, AZ in 2005.

In 2007 the Town of Clarkdale, AZ received notice from ADEQ regarding effluent quality and would need to make modifications to their existing WWTP in order to meet ADEQ compliance standards.

In 2010, Fred Goldman was brought on by the Town of Clarkdale to perform a feasibility study to see how they could get a plant built within their budget and schedule to meet the ADEQ requirements.

In 2011, the City of Surprise brought their SPA2 WWTP online. No longer needing the Desert Oasis WWTP plant, Pulte/Centex came to Felix/Fred Goldman to decommission the plant.

The team realized that the Desert Oasis plant in Surprise would meet the needs of the Town of Clarkdale from a effluent quality, schedule, and budget. The plant was decommissioned, disassembled, shipped to Clarkdale, reassembled, and re-commissioned.

Services Rendered

Preconstruction Services: Conceptual Cost Estimating, Design Assistance, Scheduling, Value Engineering, Long Lead Procurement, Equipment re-warranty.
Construction Services: Mechanical, Civil, Structural Concrete, Electrical, Equipment Installation.

Technologies and Features

The project scope included refurbishing existing equipment, purchasing new equipment, decanting and removing sludge from two lagoons and getting ADEQ Clean Closure Permits, installation of permanent erosion control to protect an existing 404 permitted wash, rebuilding the BTU tank, installing all of the valve and piping associated with the plant, three underground concrete pump stations, a concrete headworks structure, a building to house the blowers, overall electrical upgrades, upgrading to a SCADA system, and bypassing plant operations for one year while the new plant was under construction.

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