North Airport Road Water Campus and Arsenic Treatment Facility

  • June, 2009
  • City of Buckeye

Project Overview

Felix Construction was selected as the prime Construction Manager at Risk contractor on this 4.5MGD regional water production, storage, and treatment facility for the City of Buckeye, AZ.

A commercial developer needed a water production and storage facility constructed in order to build a large commercial complex located in the City of Buckeye, AZ. The groundwater in the area contained high levels of arsenic so the water production and storage facility also required an Arsenic Removal Facility.

Services Rendered

Preconstruction Services: Conceptual Cost Estimating, Design Assistance, Scheduling, Value Engineering, Long Lead Procurement.

Construction Services: Mechanical, Civil, Structural Concrete, Electrical, Equipment Installation.

Technologies and features

Above ground storage in excess of 2MG is fed by one on-site well and one remote well. Well pump discharges are interconnected at the plant inlet, and the pumps are automatically controlled in a lead/lag configuration to increase the projected useful life of both the wells and the pumps. The project includes a train of four permanent media Arsenic Removal vessels, utilizing an automated active oxidation/precipitation process. Chlorine for water disinfection, as well as the arsenic removal process, is generated on-site by mixed oxidation electrolysis of NSF grade common salt. Felix Construction employed a Grade 4 operator to supervise plant operation throughout commissioning and arsenic removal validation testing. A sludge handling facility, also built by Felix Construction, was added to allow removal and safe disposal of arsenic laden sludge from the treatment process. Over 99% of the water is reclaimed in this process, and the non-leaching sludge is suitable for land fill disposal. The project included a finished operations building with separate control room and chemical feed rooms. The chemicals are grouped by function and are automatically dosed by online PID measurement through SCADA. Operation of the plant and coordination with the remote well site are supervised by SCADA . The server handles automation, site access, and security.

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