Remediated Waterline to Goodyear Spring Training Facility

  • October, 2014
  • City of Goodyear

Project Overview

Goodyear’s spring training facilities are made up of 16 practice fields and the main ballpark. In all, the facilities cover about 100 acres. The City has partnered with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company to take newly treated water from a Superfund site at the Goodyear Airport and use it to irrigate the ball fields.  Historically this was done with potable water and reclaimed water, costing taxpayers as much as $250,000 a year just to water the fields. Now they’re no longer paying for water.

Felix was the General Contractor (Job Order Contract) in charge of construction of the mile-long pipeline that pumps water from the Superfund site to the spring training facility.

This project was selected nationally as a Top Project of 2015 by the Water & Wastewater Digest.

Services Rendered

Preconstruction Services: Conceptual Cost Estimating, Design Assistance, Scheduling, Value Engineering.
Construction Services: Mechanical, Civil, Structural Concrete, Electrical, Equipment Installation.

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