Mountain Vista Ranch Well No. 2

  • May, 2015
  • City of Surprise

Project Overview

Felix Construction was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk for this project that involved replacing an existing out-of-service irrigation well with a drinking water well for the City of Surprise. The well discharges into the existing transmission pipeline, which will deliver the water to a city reservoir. A pressure sustaining valve was also installed upstream of the reservoir in above ground piping that ties into the existing pipeline. The scope included installation of a well pump, electric motor, electrical controls, telemetry system, piping, valves,  fittings and appurtenances, site wall and gates, driveway entrances,  electrical equipment, and existing transmission pipeline cleaning,  flushing and disinfection.

Services Rendered

Preconstruction Services: Conceptual Cost Estimating, Design Assistance, Scheduling, Value Engineering, Long Lead Procurement, Hazard Analysis, Public Outreach.

Construction Services: Mechanical, Civil, Structural Concrete, Electrical, Equipment Installation.


“I have been working with Felix Construction for 7 years and their ability to meet and exceed client expectations is second to none. On a recent well development project, Felix drilled and equipped a production well in between two occupied houses and went above and beyond to ensure that their public outreach and communication was timely, understanding and friendly. This invasive project was delivered with the precision and expertise that we have come to expect from Felix.” — Michael Boule, Project Manager, City of Surprise

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