Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Wells Program

The ASR Wells Program consists of drilling and developing 7 new ASR Wells, equipping 8 ASR Wells, the drilling of 5 new monitoring wells, and the re-purposing of 3 water production wells into monitoring wells. The water production goal is approximately 2,000 gpm for each well with a recharge goal of 60%, or approximately 1,200 gpm. Since the recharge water comes from the City’s water distribution system the water must be dechlorinated before recharging into the aquifer. When the water demands require discharge into the distribution system the water has to be chlorinated. These facilities are designed and equipped with both chlorination and dechlorination systems. Many of the wells have well pump motors ranging from 500HP to 900HP and require an increased public utility service entrance section (SES). These wells are serviced with a medium voltage (4160 V) power supply thus necessitating an increased electrical equipment requirement. These wells are fully incorporated into the City’s SCADA system and the remaining of the well equipping is typical of a water production well.

  • Owner: City of Phoenix
  • Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk
  • Contract Amount: $29M
  • Completion Date: July 2022 (projected)