Lift Station 41 – Valve and Piping Replacement

The scope of Lift Station 41 was removing and replacing the valves, piping, and supports, and 4 – 350 HP pumps, 4 – 400 amp disconnects, electrical termination boxes, removal and replacement wire from VFD’s to new disconnect and pumps. All this work was required to take place while maintaining lift station operation. We isolated the west half of the drywell while maintaining operation of the east half of the drywell with the City’s existing equipment. This allowed the removal and replacement of the west half piping, valves, supports and pumps, disconnects, and wire. The west half was then put into service, and the east half was isolated to facilitate the removal and replacement of the east half piping, valve supports, and pumps. The lift station, at this point, was placed back into normal operations with all new components in the drywell.

  • Owner: City of Phoenix
  • Delivery Method: JOC
  • Contract Amount: $1.3M
  • Completion Date:  July 2021